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Invented in Northern Ontario and owned by Activated White Ltd, ActivatedWhite™ is a revolutionary technology which acts as both an adsorbent as well as an absorbent in different environments. It is an open cell polymer resin with a high surface area and has commercially useful physical properties. Its strong hydrophobic nature also makes this material special as it absorbs many times its weight in hydrocarbons, outperforming other agents used in clean up. It is non toxic and biodegradable.

How it Works

Similar to Granulated Activated Charcoal (GAC) on a nano scale and polypropelene on a macro scale, ActivatedWhite™ captures a vast array of contaminates. It is a platform technology with strong IP and non-obvious trade secrets.

ActivatedWhite™ uses powerful VanderWaals attraction within a matrix of extremely high surface area to contain a wide variety of materials within its polymer cells, which makes it a game changing innovation in its field.

Material Properties

• Low density

• Surface area close to 79 m2/g

• Stable to 200 ℃ (395 ℉)

• Will NOT ignite -UL94 V-0

• Absorbs carbon black in air

• Absorbs SO2 gas


• Best in class nano-scale adsorption AND macro molecule absorption

• Environmentally safe

• Floats and is hydrophobic

• Biodegradable

• UV stable with wide temperature stability

• Flexible cell tech allows oil recovery

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